Ice Cream Challenge

For Those Of You Who Love Ice Cream, Here Is A Fun Ice Cream Challenge For You:

  1. Create A 26 Scoop Ice Cream Cone!
  2. Each Scoop Will Start With A Different Letter Of The Alphabet. Use All 26 Letters!
  3. If You Can’t Think Of A Flavor, Then Make One Up!!

Here are my favorites from A-Z:

A- Amazing Apple Cinnamon
B- Butter Pecan
C- Candy Cane
D- Delicious Dark Chocolate
E- Excellent Eclair
F- Fantastic Fudge Brownie
G- Graham Cracker Delight
H- Honey Nut
I- Ice Monster Crunch
J- Juicy Peachy Peach
K- Kool Aid Swirl
L- Lucious Lemon Meringue
M- Maple Walnut
N- New York Cheesecake
O- Outstanding Oreo Extreme
P- Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip
Q- Queen Anne Cherry Pie
R- Rockin’ Raspberry
S- Sensational Smores
T- Toasted Marshmallow
U- Unicorn Swirl
V- Very Very Cherry
W- White Chocolate Chunk
X- Xtreme Strawberry
Y- Yummy Yellow Banana
Z- Zesty Lemon Swirl

Enjoy! Eat It Before It Melts!

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